nvompi 2022.07

NVHPC based compiler toolchain, including OpenMPI for MPI support.

Accessing nvompi 2022.07

To load the module for nvompi 2022.07 please use this command on Baskerville:

module load bask-apps/live
module load nvompi/2022.07

Bask Apps Env


More Information

For more information visit the nvompi website.


This version of nvompi has a direct dependency on: CUDA/11.7.0 NVHPC/22.7-CUDA-11.7.0 OpenMPI/4.1.4-NVHPC-22.7-CUDA-11.7.0

Required By

This version of nvompi is a direct dependent of: FFTW.MPI/3.3.10-nvompi-2022.07 ScaLAPACK/2.2.0-nvompi-2022.07-fb

Last modified on 15th February 2023