VASP 6.3.2-nvofbf-2022.07

The Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) is a computer program for atomic scale materials modelling, e.g. electronic structure calculations and quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics, from first principles.

Accessing VASP 6.3.2-nvofbf-2022.07

To load the module for VASP 6.3.2-nvofbf-2022.07 please use this command on Baskerville:

module load bask-apps/live
module load VASP/6.3.2-nvofbf-2022.07

Bask Apps Env


More Information

For more information visit the VASP website.


This version of VASP has a direct dependency on: nvofbf/2022.07

Last modified on 15th February 2023