hwloc 2.2.0-GCCcore-10.2.0

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The Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) software package provides a portable abstraction (across OS, versions, architectures, ...) of the hierarchical topology of modern architectures, including NUMA memory nodes, sockets, shared caches, cores and simultaneous multithreading. It also gathers various system attributes such as cache and memory information as well as the locality of I/O devices such as network interfaces, InfiniBand HCAs or GPUs. It primarily aims at helping applications with gathering information about modern computing hardware so as to exploit it accordingly and efficiently.

Accessing hwloc 2.2.0-GCCcore-10.2.0

To load the module for hwloc 2.2.0-GCCcore-10.2.0 please use this command on Baskerville:

📋 module load bask-apps/test
module load hwloc/2.2.0-GCCcore-10.2.0

Bask Apps Env


More Information

For more information visit the hwloc website.


This version of hwloc has a direct dependency on: GCCcore/10.2.0 libpciaccess/0.16-GCCcore-10.2.0 libxml2/2.9.10-GCCcore-10.2.0 numactl/2.0.13-GCCcore-10.2.0

Required By

This version of hwloc is a direct dependent of: Clang/11.0.1-gcccuda-2020b OpenMPI/4.0.5-gcccuda-2020b PMIx/3.1.5-GCCcore-10.2.0 pocl/1.6-gcccuda-2020b TensorFlow/2.4.1-fosscuda-2020b TensorFlow/2.5.0-fosscuda-2020b

Other Versions

These versions of hwloc are available on Baskerville. These will be retained in accordance with our Applications Support and Retention Policy.

Last modified on 7th July 2021